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Hybrid Institute


In partnership with Vanguard College, we exist to equip members & leaders with a theological foundation that will support them for life and ministry.

  1. There will be 10 courses per year and 1 course every month except July and August. You can join every time a new course starts. 

  2. Each course will comprise of 18 hours of teaching by selected teachers and taught two nights a week on Monday & Tuesday. 

  3. There will be one assignment per course, there isn't grading but marked for completion. 

  4. The cost for each course is $150 and should be given prior to the start of the course.

  5. There will be a Certification of Completion to students who complete all ten courses successfully.

  6. The first course will launch in February 2024. The course list for the year will be in the registration below. 

  7. Please select Hybrid Institue when making payments for courses. Thank you

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